About Me: My Likes, My Writing, My Life, and Mentoring

Carole Brown lives in Southeast Ohio where she and her husband enjoy their grandsons and play the game of grandparenting for all their worth! Good food, whether at home or in finer restaurants, walks in the woods, reading some good, keeper books, occasional boating and fishing and camping outings, and collaborating on their children's books are some favorite activities.

She's always on the lookout for catchy titles and suspenseful plots. 

  • The Redemption of Caralynne Hayman, her debut inspirational novel, was a 
Winner of the 2015 Christian Small Publisher Book of the Year Award 
2015 EPIC's eBook Awards, Romantic Suspense 
2014 Selah Debut Fiction finalist 
2014 Genesis semi-finalist 
2014 Clash of the Titles, Laurel Awards finalist 
2014 Oklahoma RWA International Digital Awards, 2nd place 

  • The first book in her Denton and Alex Davies mystery series--Hog Insane--was released in November, 2013 and is receiving great reviews.
  • Bat Crazy, the second book in her Denton and Alex Davies mystery series, released in August 2015 and . . .
  • Daffy's Duck, the third book, is scheduled for released in 2016.
  • With Music in Their Hearts, the first book in her WWII Spies series, released early November, 2014. 
  • Scheduled for release in 2016 is the Second book in her WWII Spies series: A Flute in the Willows
  • Coming THIS YEAR--2015, possibly November, is the first book in a new mystery series: The Appleton, West Virginia Mysteries,  intoducing the friends of Appleton, West Virginia in the first book entitled: A Sabotaged Christmas.
She also continues to labor on editing her current novels, writing the second books in a different series, and plotting other novels.

Carole has written her whole life as newspaper reporter, editor of journals and newsletters, and research manuscripts. When not penning her own novels, she enjoys mentoring beginning writers and founded a writer’s group called Circle of Pens where she can mentor to her heart’s content. Her passion for serving continues in her secretarial work and coordinator for the state of Ohio with ACFW.

She and her husband have traveled extensively throughout the United States ministering and counseling. They have particularly enjoyed the western states where they’ve labored with the Native Americans. They've:

  • sampled some special foods like fried intestines, mutton stew, and a special stew prepared by the local medicine's wife, so hot tears reined down her cheeks.
  • She's also tried learning how to make fry bread as the Native Americans do and
  • gave a very poor attempt at learning how to weave. At least it was fodder for a laugh!
  • Panning for gold in a mountain stream and
  • checking out a mountain ghost town,
  • eating fresh catfish so delectable she had trouble sharing, and
  • visiting the local hogans
were all experiences she and her family treasure. But please don't ask her about the candy-sweetened preserves she so carefully brought home and shared with many "unappreciative" friends. :)

Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia, Washington provided lots of memories and along with many other specific places, she's gathered folder for her writings.

In brief and in fun, Carole loves:

  • writing and books, 
  • dogs and cats, 
  • babies and grandsons, 
  • real cheesecake and fruit, 
  • country scenes and cities at night, 
  • chocolate and nuts, 
  • fireplaces and hot tubs, 
  • flowers and trees, 
  • Christmas trees and Christmas--period, 
  • research and editing, 
  • eating and hanging with my best buddy--hubby, 
  • stories that intrigue me and stories that enchant me, 
  • words of wisdom from the ancients and words of wisdom from children, 
  • and certainly not least: God and his mercy

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